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The editors thank FAPERJ for the support received in form of IC and TCT scholarships, besides the generous seed money that made possible the migration of this project to Brazil. Previously, SCAC-Scholarly Creative Activities Commitee and California State University in Long Beach supported to this research project, during the years of 2005 and 2010.

This webpage began as a Stanford University summer project, in 1999, under guidance of late Professor John Wirth and from Professor José Augusto Drummond. Although the original versions went offline and/or outdated, the Bibliography's current version is available here.

Older versions of this project were deactivated, in the websites

http://www.stanford.edu/laeh and http://www.csulb.edu/LAEH


Thanks to many colleagues' collaboration, the Latin America Environmental History Online Bibliography (Bibliografia Online em História Ambiental da América Latina - BOHA) has today more than 1500 references, among books, articles, videos and websites in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Some of these references were selected from Forest History’s Society Online Bibliography (a great source), or resulted from suggestions by H-Environment subscribers, and by co-editors John Wirth (in memoriam) and José Augusto Drummond. we have also searched in academic journals' bibliographies and book review sections, such as in the American Historical Review and Environmental History Review, as well as several databases.

We also hope that the new sections (News and Ongoing Projects) encourage you all to share your research notes and news - and make this website an online meeting point to those interested in Latin America Environmental History.

Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to add your suggestions, comments and proposals to this website.



After much searching for the best online bibliography, we have decided to use Zotero, a free reference, bibliography data and other material (such as PDFs) manager software. Its main caracteristic are browser integration, online syncing, text, footpage and bibliography quote creation, besides connecting to the text softwares Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice.Org Writer and NeoOffice. It was created and produced by the Center for History and New Media, from George Mason University. This software also allows importing quotes from Endnote and ProCite. The Zotero is also connected to our sister-project, the John Wirth Library, and it works as its searchable catalog. Both the  BOHA Database and John Wirth Library are available online.




Zotero has a search vector that allows searching for a keyword. When digiting "Brasil" on the search box, all references which have the word "Brasil" in the Subject, place of publishing or description will show up as a search result. This can be very useful when searching for references of a specific place or geographic region. Most of references are also indexed according to what we call bioregions: Andes, Amazônia, South Cone, Caribbean, etc.


We have adopted a broader definition of environmental history. We include in the bibliography some (but not too many!) classic works from Alfred Crosby, Carl Sauer, Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, Celso Furtado, among others. However, we are focusing on more recent references (from the last 20 years), not so easily found in traditional bibliographies. We have also included short books and movies reviews, when available.



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